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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2010 10:33am-11:03am PST

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30% or lower in ami. it is exciting and within the goals of the committee itself because it will create an integrated economic committee in the 333 harrison. the local hire is a more advanced local higher than we have seen in other areas. we are very excited about that. the idea we will have ongoing discussions with the developer on a quarterly basis and the accountability of reporting is another important aspect to it, along with some of the funding going into supporting a new credit union that we are helping to establish in soma to fund a training, community outreach, and support. i am here to tell you that the committee of seven voted unanimously for this. we are very excited to move forward. chairperson avalos: great. thank you for your presentation.
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>> just so you know, we also have theresa hear from the merits -- from the mayor's office of housing if you have any questions about the contract if you have any need to monitor. chairperson avalos: great. thank you. having some history with the creation of the soma stabilization fund when i was a legislator, the purpose here was well in line with what the fund was established for, insuring the impact of development would be mitigated by the fund, in terms of creating more affordable housing for low- income residents in the area as well as the conditions here of
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local hiring, both in construction and end-use jobs. so i want to make sure that as we are approving this resolution that we are asserting that local hiring is going to be an important part of the work that is being done in the construction. what is established thereafter would help greatly many people hard hit by the recession who lived in the soma neighborhood. i want to thank the community stabilization fund committee for their work and the flexibility of the developer as well for being open to this. colleagues, any comments or questions? supervisor mirkarimi: just one. i want to complement on what -- we were tested last night to have to reassert this language
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on lines 22 and 23. changes in local hiring refers to a policy to require local mandates instead of good faith efforts. this is something i feel strongly should be uniform when projects like this come before us. that is something we had to reassert last time. chairperson avalos: thank you. i think it is important to know that the fund is something that is part of the city find that we have available for mitigating the impact of development in the south of market area. there is oversight that is provided by the community stabilization fund committee, but overall these are funds that the city coffers to deal with development and with oversight for the community. it is a good process for us to be able to assure that the community has some benefit to the development that goes on south of market. i am going to open this up for
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public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment, please come forward. seeing none, we will close at public comment. supervisor mirkarimi: motion to approve. chairperson avalos: seconded by elsbernd. we will take that without objection, and recommend it. thank you, colleagues. can we go on to item five? >> item 5, resolution authorizing the department of public works to apply for, accept, and expand $417,339 in federal american recovery and reinvestment act of 2009 transportation enhancement funds for the corbin place stare replacement project. -- stair replacement project.
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>> i am and jenkins -- i am anne jenkins from the department of public works. we have had an opportunity to apply for a small amount of recovery and reinvestment act funds. these are the result of savings and projects from other agencies that there were not able to reprogram quickly enough to make obligation and delivery deadlines. dpw had a number of projects designed and ready to go. the corbin place stairway is the right size and scope to fit the funds available. it runs between corbin avenue and 17th street in the upper market area. it has quite a bit of damage. this project would make the stairway more safe for pedestrians. it would remove and replace the
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broken concrete stairs, repair the steel reinforcement, fix cracks in the structure, even out where there are some uneven surfaces at the landings, would replace the current handrail with an aada-compliant handrail, and put no-slip surfaces on the steps. it would make the stairway safer and would have most of the project paid for with federal funds. i can take any questions you have. chairperson avalos: thank you. how long is the stairway? >> i believe that 50 feet. let me check. i think i have it here in the application. chairperson avalos: i imagine there are a lot of other stairway's like this in san francisco that are not getting funding. what is the plan for fixing those stairways? i am not saying it is not
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worthy, but as part of the decisionmaking process, are there other stairways in need of care? >> we do have a list of other stairways that are similarly deteriorated in in need of repair. we have several sources for funding those repairs. in the 2009 certificates of participation that the board approved, we included $2 million for st. structures, many of them that type of stairway. we will be coming to you shortly for 2010 cop's. those will approve another $210 million. -- those will approve another $2 million. we should be able to get another $4 million of the structural improvement done. we chose corbin for this grant because it was already designed and ready to go and the cost of the project was only a little
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bit more than the funds available. we had several other stairways that we had designed. we have a number of projects ready to go. we were hoping there would be a jobs for main street bill and we would have more federal funding available. chairperson avalos: we are still hoping. >> exactly. we are certainly trying to work our way down that list of damaged stairways through the cop, and as any other federal funding comes up we will pledge in those projects that are the most ready. chairperson avalos: very good. i found the length. it is 57 feet. colleagues, if there are no other comments are questions we can go on to public comment. seeing no one come forward, we will close public comment. motion to approve without objection. very good.
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madam clerk, if you could call item six, our last item. >> item 6, resolution retroactively approve an amendment to agreement with the tides center to provide property management services accept -- to provide property management services at the direct access to housing sites to extend the contract term by three years and increase the amount by $10.50 million. >> this is for our direct access to housing program. we have reviewed the budget analyst's report. we are in agreement with the recommendations. the director of housing and urban help is here if you have any further questions about the contract itself. chairperson avalos: mr. rose, share with us your report. >> mr. chairman, members of the committee, this contract was competitively bid. it was not subject to board a
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supervisor approval because it did not meet the threshold dollar amount. however, when it was competitively bid, although the rfp stated the contract could be up to 10 years, it was inadvertently awarded for only a two-year basis to tides corporation, a nonprofit agency. the department is now asking you to amend that agreement for another three years with 51-year options, each of which would be subject to board of supervisors approval. -- for another three years with five one-year options, each of which would be subject to board of supervisors' approval. it is reasonable and i recommend it. chairperson avalos: thank you mr. rose. let us open up for public comment. seeing none, we will close public comment.
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a motion from supervisor mirkarimi for approval. that was our last item. i believe we are now adjourned. thank you for your help.
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